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Let’s “Brush” up on Dental Tips!

Visiting your dental hygienist at least twice a year is important, but do you know what’s ESSENTIAL?! Your daily dental self-care routine!

1. Brush 2 times a day

Electric toothbrushes have been proven to be more efficient at removing bacteria than manual brushes. If you are using a manual brush, make sure that it is a soft bristle toothbrush! This is less abrasive on your gums and enamel. Brushing your teeth is a chance to also give your gums some love! Angle your toothbrush slightly towards the gum line. This ensures thorough brushing and a massage for your gums!

Remember to switch out your brush at least every 3 months. Toothbrush bristles should not be frayed!

2. Floss once a day

Let’s continue to pamper our gums. Do you eliminate flossing from your routine because your gums bleed? Believe it or not, that is your body’s reaction to bacteria making its self at home in your mouth. Your gums are showing signs of inflammation and asking for some attention! Flossing removes bacteria from the hard to reach areas that you toothbrush misses (they’re quite the team)! If you can, use a waxy or fibrous floss, enough to use a clean segment on every tooth. Hug each tooth underneath the gum line and sweep up! (Check out our previous post on our FAVORITE floss). Floss picks are great for when you’re on the go but they don’t allow this “hugging” motion on each tooth. Not a fan of flossing? No problem, stay tuned for a post dedicated all to flossing alternatives.

3. Clean your tongue

Did you know that 80% of the bacteria in our mouth hangs out on our tongue? Lower your risk of halitosis (bad breath) by using a tongue brush or tongue scraper. This will also improve your taste sensation, bon appetit!

4. Rinse & Repeat

Although not essential, many of us love to end our self-care with a refreshing minty rinse!

Choose a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out your mouth causing bad breath. In mouthwash it is used at a low concentration as a preservative, not to kill bacteria. Rinsing throughout the day is a great way to neutralize acidity in the mouth. At our office we are big fans of Fluoride but not all mouth rinses contain it, make sure you read the labels so your enamel can get that fluoride boost to help prevent cavities!

Changing or establishing new habits can be difficult. Your dental team is here to cheer you on!

Nancy Azizi DDS,

Founder of Vineyard Dental Spa

If you are considering a more beautiful smile, contact our office to learn more about our treatment options and schedule a consultation with Dr. Azizi.


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