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State-of-the-Art Technology & Patient Comfort



CEREC 3D is a high-tech instrument that helps dentists restore damaged teeth in one appointment. It uses CAD/CAM technology (Computer assisted design/ computer assisted manufacture) to accomplish its purpose.  CEREC can be used to perform the following procedures: Partial and full crowns,  veneers, inlays, onlays, and other single tooth restorations.

How does CEREC 3D work?

After the dentist prepares the tooth, he sprays a thin layer of reflective powder directly on the tooth’s surface. Using a special camera, the dentist then takes a digital picture of the tooth. No need to take a messy impression and send it to the lab. The dentist then designs the restoration on the computer screen. In the virtual world of CEREC 3D, the dentist views, manipulates and verifies all aspects of restoration design for accuracy and assurance of an ideal fit. An industrially prepared block of porcelain in the correct shade to match your tooth is then placed in the milling chamber. Minutes later, milling is complete and the restoration is ready to bond to place.

Laser Dentistry

Laser gingivoplasty is the surgical reshaping of the outer surface of the gums and when used during cosmetic gum contouring, a beautiful smile is usually achievable. Gingivoplasty involves the surgical reshaping of the outer surface of the gums by thinning the gum tissue so the tissue looks natural and pleasing. Healing time is significantly less with lasers compared to traditional surgery.

Digital X-rays  

To improve your care we've invested in a new way of looking into your mouth – a procedure that's fast, and incredibly precise, digital x-rays. What's even more amazing is that we get an image immediately that is large, clear, and accurate, right next to your chair…ready for discussion. Digital x-ray technology speeds and simplifies the diagnostic part of your treatment, and most importantly allows us to provide a much higher level of care.

Digital x-rays use 80-90% less radiation than old-fashioned x-rays. Additional benefits include the elimination of old fashioned dark room chemicals.  The highly detailed image of your teeth on our computer screen, can be rotated, magnified, adjusted for contrast, and even color-coded for educational purposes. Further, we can store it on our computer files, thus saving paper. For insurance purposes, referrals or patient education, it can be accurately reproduced any number of times. In summary, digital x-rays are faster, cleaner, and allow us to provide better quality care.

Intra-Oral Camera


It can also show you whether or not you are performing the kind of personal oral care you should. With the intra-oral camera, you can immediately see the areas you may have been missing when you brush or floss.

It also lets your dentist perform intricate procedures easily and accurately with the use of the camera and a monitor enhancing what cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Intra-oral cameras can make your dental visit, more comfortable, educational, and preventative.

Chairside Computers

Chairside computers with Web access are available in every treatment room. This helps you understand more about your dental health by allowing you to see your digital radiographs, take a look inside your mouth and view dental education materials. Your patient records are also available so that you can see your step-by-step treatment plan at any point.

Patient Comfort


Nitrous Oxide (happy gas)

Nitrous Oxide (also known as happy gas) will help you relax while you are receiving your dental treatment.

Steam Towelette

To pamper you, we provide you with steam towelettes at the end of your visit.

Hot Stone Therapy

Our therapists use smooth heated stone to create a deeply soothing and relaxing experience.  The heat helps release the tension in tight forehead muscles.

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