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If you hate flossing, this post is for you!

Do you dread going to get your teeth cleaned because you know that your hygienist is going to ask you some variation of, “have you been flossing”? Well guess what? You don’t have to floss! Here are some alternatives to keep your gums healthy. It’s important to find something that works for YOU.

1. Waterpik

A waterpik flosser is a great option for many people. It can be used between natural teeth, under bridges, around implants and is awesome for braces! All you have to do is fill up the reservoir with water (and maybe a splash of mouth rinse) and adjust the pressure setting.

Waterpiks can be messy due to the continuous stream of water. Some people prefer the cordless option since it can be used in the shower! Waterpiks replacement tips makes it easy for a family to share the unit.

2. Air flosser

The Philips Sonicare air flosser works similarly to a waterpik and is also compact like the cordless waterpik. This device uses rapid bursts of air and water droplets to disturb the bacteria. An air flosser is a great option for people with limited dexterity.

Air flosser replacement tips makes it easy for a family to share the unit.

3. Interdental brushes

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the feeling of a good old-fashioned toothpick, these are a great option for you! Interdental brushes, also known as proxy brushes, are a great way to easily clean between teeth, crowns, bridges, implants and massage the gums. You should use multiple brushes to maximize efficiency and cleanliness. One of our favorite tricks with these little brushes is to dip them in mouth rinse or hydrogen peroxide to give your mouth an extra clean treatment!

String floss isn’t for everyone but healthy and happy gums are! Try out these options to find something that works for you and remember that consistency is key!

Nancy Azizi DDS,

Founder of Vineyard Dental Spa

If you are considering a more beautiful smile, contact our office to learn more about our treatment options and schedule a consultation with Dr. Azizi.


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